A Passion for Nail Polish


Zoya “Naturel” Look

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This is probably the easiest mani I have done,
while still including some “nail art”! It was inspired by Butter
London’s design for Lela Rose’s NYFW 2014 show. To start, I avoided
putting down base coat because I wanted a super clean look to the
mani – I’m not too concerned because Zoya is a 5-Free polish brand,
and the company advertises that it’s safe for new moms too. That’s
good enough for me, and I don’t leave my manicures on that long
anyway (too many ideas, not enough finger nails!
#firstworldproblems!) if you NEED base coat, or are using a more
toxic polish, I suggest you take the extra time to lay down some
base coat, let it dry completely before proceeding with the
following steps! With a regular piece of Scotch tape, I taped off
the bottom half (cuticle end, not at the tips) of my nail at a
diagonal angle. Then, with Zoya Cho I painted a thin coat on the
exposed nail. I ripped the tape off immediately to get crisp clean
lines. Once that first coat was dry, I carefully did a second coat,
keeping within the lines of my first coat to achieve more opacity.
Finally, top with a clear coat (I used OPI Top Coat, I don’t
discriminate that much between brands…) and you’ve got a super
shiny, über easy, and very chic looking manicure! Let me know if
you tried this, and if there are other NYFW manicures that inspired