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Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year! I did several CNY manicures this year and wanted to share them with you!


This first one has a base using Butter London Two Fingered Salute. I painted a large square onto a Ziplock bag using Nicole By OPI NI 350 “He’s A Keeper” . When the red polish dried, i carefully peeled it off the plastic and cut it into small squares. Finally, I drew different auspicious Chinese characters onto each square with a toothpick using OPI HLD07 “Goldeneye”.


I did a collaboration #twinnail manicure with my new Instagram friend @klund13 and we did a red/gold gradient with a fish on the accent finger (ring finger). There is a saying in Mandarin that you can say to others to wish them a coming year of abundance and prosperity. The phrase contains a character that sounds like the word “fish”, so we refer to fish a lot during Chinese New Year!


I also did a similar manicure to the first one I posted, but with a different color scheme and some dotted flowers. I like the look of this one quite a lot!!! I used an unnamed sparkly gold polish and the same Nicole By OPI “Reach Out”.

Did you celebrate CNY2014? Show me your manis!! I’d love to see 🙂


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Decorations… Holiday Lights

decorations final

I have had pictures of this manicure on my computer for about a week now, and never got around to posting my second entry for the Second Annual Holiday Nail Art Challenge hosted by Nail Polish Canada.The theme this week is “Decorations” and I thought it would be appropriate to spell out the word “Lights” for the Christmas/holiday lights that people often hang onto their trees (and houses) at this time of the year. I also included a tree and some presents stacked up on my pinkie. For this manicure, I used:Green: Zoya LoganWhite: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in White Out

Red: OPI Dear Santa

Gold base: Stellnor Nail Lacquer in “MA05”

Gold accents: Revlon Creme Brulee

Black: OPI My Private Jet

For the lights, I used a variety of Zoya polishes.

What do you think of my nail art design? What presents do you want to see under your tree?

Vote for my submission (entry #32!) by clicking on this link! Thank you 🙂

這個美甲藝術包括聖誕燈扭曲成“lights”的形狀,一棵聖誕樹,和一堆禮物。zhè ge měi jiǎ yì shù bāo kuò shèng dàn dēng niǔ qū chéng “lights” de xíng zhuàng, yī kē shèng dàn shù, hé yī duī lǐ wù.我使用的指甲油包括很多不一樣的品牌: Zoya, OPI, Sally Hansen, Revlon 和一個台灣找到的金色指甲油叫Stellnor(但是它的味道有點怪怪的!)wǒ shǐ yòng de zhǐ jiǎ yóu bāo kuò hěn duō bù yī yàng de pǐn pái: “Zoya, OPI, Sally Hansen, Revlon hé yī gè tái wān zhǎo dào de jīn sè zhǐ jiǎ yóu jiào Stellnor (dàn shì tā de wèi dào yǒu diǎn guài guài de!)

我要提出這個美甲設計到 Nail Polish Canada 的美甲設計比賽!這個禮拜的題目是聖誕節的裝飾 -你們可以到這個網站看看所有的美甲設計(請選者第32號吧!)。 我覺得這些美甲部落客是非常好的inspiration- 我建議你們去看一看!

wǒ yào tí chū zhè ge měi jiǎ shè jì dào Nail Polish Canada dì měi jiǎ shè jì bǐ sài! zhè ge lǐ bài de tí mù shì shèng dàn jié de zhuāng shì – nǐ men kě yǐ dào zhè ge wǎng zhàn kàn kàn suǒ yǒu dì měi jiǎ shèjì (qǐng xuǎn zhě dì 32 hào ba!). wǒ jué de zhè xiē měi jiǎ bù luò kè shì fēi cháng hǎo de inspiration – wǒ jiàn yì nǐ men qù kàn yī kàn!

photo 4

Here is a closer look at the Christmas light design!

step 1lightsThis shows what my nails looked like before I added the light bulbs and presents.

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Long Time No See…

Non Dominant Hand Nail Art: Angry Birds during Christmas

Non Dominant Hand Nail Art: Angry Birds during a White Christmas

It has definitely been a while since I have written in this blog!I am back with a vengeance because I have caught the nailart bug – if you have been following my Instagram account you will notice A LOT of nail art (and the occasional dog photo interspersed in my pictures).Today, I wanted to share with you my Angry Birds + Christmas + Snow nail art design. This is the first official appearance of my “Cinderella Hand”!I am right handed, and my left hand desperately lacks the fine motor skills and dexterity for drawing on such a tiny canvas using nail polish. So, I used a toothpick to draw the birds onto a Ziplock bag. I let the designs dry overnight and then peeled each bird off the bag and placed it onto my nails. I can show you a tutorial if anyone is interested in seeing that process in action (or if you got confused by my explanation).

I initially started out with just the birds on different coloured backgrounds, but because I attended a “friendsgiving” dinner and washed almost all of the dishes we used during the cooking/preparation process, my nails had some major tip wear. I decided to add some red santa hats and snow!

I have entered this design into the 2013 Holiday Nail Art Challenge hosted by


You can vote for me for the Week 1 Challenge, which has many talented nail bloggers showcasing designs that they drew for the Snow Theme.

不好意思! 我一段時間沒有公佈在這個博客上…希望你們可以原諒我!我最近生病了- 這是一個非常可怕的病,因為我浪費了很多時間支持這一個問題!bù hǎo yì si! wǒ yī duàn shí jiān méi yǒu gōng bù zài zhè ge bó kè shàng… xī wàng nǐ men kě yǐ yuán liàng wǒ! wǒ zuì jìn shēng bìng le – zhè shì yī gè fēi cháng kě pà de bìng, yīn wèi wǒ làng fèi le hěn duō shí jiān zhī chí zhè yī ge wèn tí!你有猜到我的病是什麼嗎?我不停的畫美甲design在我的指甲上!如果你們正在使用Instagram, 快加入我的帳戶:nǐ yǒu cāi dào wǒ de bìng shì shén me ma? wǒ bù tíng de huà měi jiǎ design zài wǒ de zhǐ jiǎ shàng! rú guǒ nǐ men zhèng zài shǐ yòng Instagram, kuài jiā rù wǒ de zhàng hù:www.instagram.com/themisspw


zài zhè ge dì fāng nǐ kě yǐ kàn yī xià wǒ tiān tiān fā bù yī xiē shēng huó shàng de huó dòng!

今天,我想與大家分享我最近的設計之一… 憤怒鳥 + 聖誕節 + 下雪! 我慣用手是我的右手, 但是我讓我的非慣用手為榜樣因為我用一個簡單的方法來畫出憤怒鳥的圖案。我下次可以示範給大家看!

jīn tiān, wǒ xiǎng yǔ dà jiā fēn xiǎng wǒ zuì jìn de shè jì zhī yī… fèn nù niǎo + shèng dàn jié + xià xuě! wǒ guàn yòng shǒu shì wǒ de yòu shǒu, dàn shì wǒ ràng wǒ de fēi guàn yòng shǒu wéi bǎng yàng yīn wèi wǒ yòng yī gè jiǎn dān de fāng fǎ lái huà chū fèn nù niǎo de tú yàn. wǒ xià cì kě yǐ shì fàn gěi dà jiā kàn.

我要參加一個美甲挑戰! 如果您想投票給我可一到這個網站幫我選票。

wǒ yào cān jiā yī gè měi jiǎ tiǎo zhàn! rú guǒ nín xiǎng tóu piào gěi wǒ kè yī dào zhè ge wǎng zhàn bāng wǒ xuǎn piào.

Angry Birds Deign photo 1 photo 4

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Marbled Nails

Lots of different brand nail polishes will be featured today… 今天我會用一些不一樣的指甲油品牌!
DSC04526L-R: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, Seche Natural Matte Finish Nail Treatment, OPI (NL S40) “Be A Dahlia Won’t You”, Wet n Wild Megalast (218A) “I Need A Refresh-Mint”, Zoya (ZP484) “Emme”, Wet n Wild Wild Shine (466) “Blue Moon” and Sephora Top Coat Ultra Brilliance.

DSC04518 DSC04517  DSC04514 DSC04510

My nail polish collection started with OPI’s “Be A Dahlia Won’t You” and OPI currently makes up the majority of my polishes.The OPI brush is flat and wide, so it makes application pretty easy. I find that the flat brushes prevents polish from dripping down the plastic part, making OPI nail polishes easier to control.The Wet n Wild polishes were purchased on sale during a trip to California, with “I Need A Refresh-Mint” as a must-have that a lot of people talk about as a common favourite.

Zoya “Emme” is the first (and only) nail polish I won from a giveaway! This polish has a metallic finish, so it shows some brush strokes after each coat. The great thing about Zoya is that they are a very health conscious beauty company.

The Zoya nail polishes are for natural nails and they contain no formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or camphor. I think a lot of nail polish companies in Europe and North America are much more aware of the harmful effects of chemicals that are added to nail polish and they are actively trying to remove these from their products.

I hope that Asian companies will follow suit!


我在2012年開始收藏指甲油,慢慢從OPI挑選出來的第一瓶叫“Be A Dahlia Won’t You”。 我很喜歡OPI的刷子應為它不是圓的,是扁的(所以在適用指甲油的時候,多餘的不會滑下去…比較好控制!)

wǒ zài 2012 nián kāi shǐ shōu cáng zhǐ jiǎ yóu, màn man cóng OPI tiāo xuǎn chū lái de dì yī píng jiào “Be A Dahlia Won’t You”. wǒ hěn xǐ huan OPI de shuā zi yīng wèi tā bù shì yuán de, shì biǎn de (suǒ yǐ zài shì yòng zhǐ jiǎ yóu de shí hou, duō yú de bù huì huá xià qù… bǐ jiào hǎo kòng zhì!)

Wet n Wild Megalast 和Wild Shine 是美國品牌裡面比較便宜的指甲油。”I Need A Refresh-Mint” 是它們最有名的薄荷綠色。

Wet n Wild Megalast Wild Shine shì měi guó pǐn pái lǐ miàn bǐ jiào pián yi de zhǐ jiǎ yóu. “I Need A Refresh-Mint” shì tā men zuì yǒu míng de bò hé lǜ sè.

Zoya也是一個美國品牌,最有名的地方是它們的”4-Free”指甲油。我今年才發現有一些很傷身體的化學藥品在指甲油之內。我們常常插指甲的人要小心!要好好研究我們買的商品。看看可不可以避免這些會比較健康: 甲醛 (formaldehyde), 甲苯 (toluene), 樟腦 (camphor) 或邻苯二甲酸二丁酯(DBP,一種添加剂)。

Zoya yě shì yī gè měi guó pǐn pái, zuì yǒu míng dì dì fāng shì tā men de”4-Free”zhǐ jiǎ yóu. wǒ jīn nián cái fā xiàn yǒu yī xiē hěn shāng shēn tǐ de huà xué yào pǐn zài zhǐ jiǎ yóu zhī nèi. Wǒ men cháng cháng chā zhǐ jiǎ de rén yào xiǎo xīn! yào hǎo hǎo yán jiū wǒ men mǎi de shāng pǐn. kàn kàn kě bù kě yǐ bì miǎn zhè xiē huì bǐ jiào jiàn kāng: jiǎ quán (formaldehyde), jiǎ běn (toluene), zhāng nǎo (camphor) huò lín běn èr jiǎ suān èr dīng zhǐ (DBP, yī zhǒng tiān jiā jì).


I’m starting to get some staining (darn red polishes!) so I like to double up on base coats… I’m not sure if I’m doing it right by combining the OPI Natural Base Coat and the Seche Natural. If you have any tips or comments please let me know! 我的習慣是要適用“底甲油”。我目前是在 86.shop 的復興分店買OPI的Base Coat,Seche Natural 是在加拿大買的。我會現上OPI讓後在上一層Seche當一個保護指甲的動作。

wǒ de xí guàn shì yào shì yòng “dǐ jiǎ yóu”. wǒ mù qián shì zài 86.Shop de fù xīng fēn diàn mǎi OPI de Base Coat, Seche Natural shì zài jiā ná dà mǎi de. wǒ huì xiàn shàng OPI ràng hòu zài shàng yī céng Seche dāng yī gè bǎo hù zhǐ jiǎ de dòng zuò.

DSC04512 DSC04519

I thought that I could try the Marbled Nail look that I saw in a tutorial from Birchbox using just 2 coordinating (or clashing… whatever floats your boat!) colours and some plastic cling wrap.First, you lay down your base colour. I chose Zoya’s “Emme” and Wet n Wild “I Need A Refresh-Mint.Then, going forward with just one nail at a time, paint the second colour (I have OPI “Be A Dahlia Won’t You” and WnW “Blue Moon”) on top of the (semi) dry base colour. Immediately, take some scrunched up plastic wrap and lightly dab your nail so you can remove some of the second colour to achieve the marbled look.  I think you can wait for the base colour to dry completely before adding the second colour if you have loads of time on your hands.

Then put on a top coat and you are good to go!

Initially, I did a look with the blue accent nail. I thought the Wet n Wild polishes looked great together, but with the marble effect AND the pink polishes was a bit too much. I had to redo my ring finger nails before the end of the day.

在這個網站我看到一個很有趣的design: 大理石的指甲!你可以很容易實現這個美甲藝術設計~只需要兩瓶不一樣顏色的指甲油和保鮮膜就可以了!

zài yī gè wǎng zhàn wǒ kàn dào hěn yǒu qù de design: dà lǐ shí de zhǐ jiǎ! nǐ kě yǐ hěn róng yì shí xiàn zhè ge měi jiǎ yì shù shè jì ~zhǐ xū yào liǎng píng bù yī yàng yán sè de zhǐ jiǎ yóu hé bǎo xiān mó jiù kě yǐ le!



第三步:上 TOP COAT

dì yī bù: shàng dì sè. dì èr bù: shàng dì èr gè yán sè, ràng hòu mǎ shàng yòng yī xiǎo qiú bǎo xiān mó (juǎn qǐ lái de bǎo xiān mó) qù chú duō yú de zhǐ jiǎ yóu. *zhǐ jiǎ yào yī gè yī gè lái… bù yào ràng dì èr gè yán sè gàn ó! dì sān bù: shàng TOP COAT