A Passion for Nail Polish


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The month of May Brain tumor awareness month!

The month of May Brain tumor awareness month!

Christopher Kane red top

Mango cotton shorts
$30 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Brass ring

Home decor


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Thanks @polyvore and @zoyanailpolish #love #thankful #soexcited

Thanks @polyvore and @zoyanailpolish #love #thankful #soexcited

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Dressing in layers for unpredictable Spring weather! Too bad the @zoyanailpolish Peter Som trio is sold out

Dressing in layers for unpredictable Spring weather! Too bad the @zoyanailpolish Peter Som trio is sold out

Candela pink shirt

Blue shirt
$55 – conleys.de

Ted Baker jeans
$150 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Converse white shoes
$92 – johnlewis.com

Michael Kors watch

Pura Vida blue jewelry

Wrap bracelet

River Island stud earrings
$10 – riverisland.com

Aéropostale cat ring

Wayfarer sunglasses

Banana Republic scarve

Word wall art

Word wall art

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The holographic elements of this outfit help bring out the gorgeous colors in Ki by @zoyanailpolish

The holographic elements of this outfit help bring out the gorgeous colors in Ki by @zoyanailpolish

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Nail Art Designs Nailwheel #1

I finally received my eBay package consisting of 10 nail art wheels. I have been busy practicing designs on them, and decided I would categorize the designs by month/occasion and leave a few wheels for random designs too. The first wheel is complete after I have obsessively worked on it for a day straight! What do you guys think!?


3 of the designs were inspired by @miss80million, and 1 each from @knailart and @polishmetogo

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Mystery Mix Polish

Have you heard about Lynx Cosmetics? http://www.lynxcosmetics.com

I won an amazing giveaway from the girls at http://thethreeglamourgirls.wordpress.com and one of the generous prizes was a polish of my choice from Lynx Cosmetics. My eyes went directly to the MYSTERY MIX POLISHES. You guys seriously need to check it out.

Samantha, the creative genius behind the brand (she also created Polish Pets – which are adorable and super limited edition furry bottles of nail polish) allowed me to choose anything from her shop.

You receive the unmixed polish with a mixing ball in a small plastic bag. Simply drop the mixing ball into the polish bottle, close it up tight and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. (Shake what your mama gave ya!) It’s really fun to see the progress of a bunch of pigment and polish transform into a beautiful glitter bomb. I REALLY like red and the choice of Firestarter was perfect because of the red glitter in a black base AND circle glitter – I love circle glitter (almost as much as I love star glitter). Okay that’s enough blabbing. Here are the photos:




Have you tried the mystery mix polishes? You can go to instagram and search for @theMissPW to see the video I made documenting the mixing process!

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Elephant Shoe, Valentine

Here is another quick Valentines inspired mani! Thanks to my new followers and the “Likes” everyone! It really motivates me to keep up with you all through this blog 🙂

I used Revlon Royal, Sally Hansen Snow Globe, Revlon Heavenly (not pictured) and Nicole By OPI Always A Silver Lining for the first photo:


And then I added some hearts and the words “Elephant Shoe” to my index finger. When I was little, the game was to get an unsuspecting peer to mouth the words “elephant shoe”
to someone, because it looked like you were saying “I LOVE YOU”. What a silly game haha.


So, “Elephant Shoe” guys for visiting my blog, and I look forward to sharing more of my nail art adventures with you in the future! ❤️❤️❤️.

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NYFW Rolando Santana Nail Art

Zoya Nail Polish is doing a million giveaways right now, one of which is a collaboration with designer Rolando Santana.

I was inspired by the A/W14 collection and did some nail art! This is my right hand, which means I had to do the nail art (mostly just manipulating tape) with my non dominant, left hand. The dominant hand is often referred to as the Cinderella hand, because the right
hand does all the hard work in manicures and nail art, but doesn’t
get featured in photos.


The second photo is a bit darker, but it shows Zoya’s Melodie by herself. This is a discontinued shade, and I had
to search high and low for this one. Despite being labeled as “brand
new” my bottle smells funky (not in a good way) and was NOT full. I paid more than the retail price of 7.00 USD – 8.00 USD and I had shipping costs on top of that. I’ll still keep it and use it though, because I have a nail polish hoarding problem.


P.S – Zoya Dahlia is a surprise favourite of mine… I might start rocking more dark or black polishes now!