A Passion for Nail Polish


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Elephant Shoe, Valentine

Here is another quick Valentines inspired mani! Thanks to my new followers and the “Likes” everyone! It really motivates me to keep up with you all through this blog 🙂

I used Revlon Royal, Sally Hansen Snow Globe, Revlon Heavenly (not pictured) and Nicole By OPI Always A Silver Lining for the first photo:


And then I added some hearts and the words “Elephant Shoe” to my index finger. When I was little, the game was to get an unsuspecting peer to mouth the words “elephant shoe”
to someone, because it looked like you were saying “I LOVE YOU”. What a silly game haha.


So, “Elephant Shoe” guys for visiting my blog, and I look forward to sharing more of my nail art adventures with you in the future! ❤️❤️❤️.


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NYFW Rolando Santana Nail Art

Zoya Nail Polish is doing a million giveaways right now, one of which is a collaboration with designer Rolando Santana.

I was inspired by the A/W14 collection and did some nail art! This is my right hand, which means I had to do the nail art (mostly just manipulating tape) with my non dominant, left hand. The dominant hand is often referred to as the Cinderella hand, because the right
hand does all the hard work in manicures and nail art, but doesn’t
get featured in photos.


The second photo is a bit darker, but it shows Zoya’s Melodie by herself. This is a discontinued shade, and I had
to search high and low for this one. Despite being labeled as “brand
new” my bottle smells funky (not in a good way) and was NOT full. I paid more than the retail price of 7.00 USD – 8.00 USD and I had shipping costs on top of that. I’ll still keep it and use it though, because I have a nail polish hoarding problem.


P.S – Zoya Dahlia is a surprise favourite of mine… I might start rocking more dark or black polishes now!


Valentines Candy Nail Art

So, here is an – ahem – more “unique” and outside the box nail art design inspired by Ferrero Rocher chocolate:


I used the actual wrapper on my middle finger nail and the actual sticker on my thumb that was on the Ferrero Rocher chocolate. I made everything stick using just regular top coat, but the sticker itself didn’t need any extra help sticking!

I did this design as a collaboration with a friend on Instagram who contacted me about #twinnails with the username @britalovez. Here is our planning stage photo:


The nail polishes I used were all from http://32flavorsnailcandy.com/ that I won in a generous giveaway hosted by the creator of the polishes. I think NeNe is on a hiatus for now, but you can definitely check her IG or website out in the meantime for swatches! (Or I can swatch them, let me know!) the colors used was a gorgeous dark brown called Brown Sugar and a gold glitter that was opaque after 2 coats called Holy Grail.

What’s your favourite Valentines candy to buy/receive?

Zoya “Naturel” Look

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This is probably the easiest mani I have done,
while still including some “nail art”! It was inspired by Butter
London’s design for Lela Rose’s NYFW 2014 show. To start, I avoided
putting down base coat because I wanted a super clean look to the
mani – I’m not too concerned because Zoya is a 5-Free polish brand,
and the company advertises that it’s safe for new moms too. That’s
good enough for me, and I don’t leave my manicures on that long
anyway (too many ideas, not enough finger nails!
#firstworldproblems!) if you NEED base coat, or are using a more
toxic polish, I suggest you take the extra time to lay down some
base coat, let it dry completely before proceeding with the
following steps! With a regular piece of Scotch tape, I taped off
the bottom half (cuticle end, not at the tips) of my nail at a
diagonal angle. Then, with Zoya Cho I painted a thin coat on the
exposed nail. I ripped the tape off immediately to get crisp clean
lines. Once that first coat was dry, I carefully did a second coat,
keeping within the lines of my first coat to achieve more opacity.
Finally, top with a clear coat (I used OPI Top Coat, I don’t
discriminate that much between brands…) and you’ve got a super
shiny, über easy, and very chic looking manicure! Let me know if
you tried this, and if there are other NYFW manicures that inspired

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Black & White Nail Art

I’m participating in a nail art challenge hosted by @glittr on Instagram, I haven’t won a challenge yet, but I have been selected to be in the finalist stage a handful of times! Practice makes perfect, right? I’m going to keep trying! The challenge is to keep your color palette to (mostly) black and white only.

I’ve done three designs so far, Michael Jackson:


Yoga inspired:


And finally, a swan and duckling manicure:


Do you guys participate in nail art challenges? What motivates you to attempt nail art?

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More Valentines Nail Art

Here are some more nail art designs and ideas for manicures before the big day!


I did ten different designs, one on each finger! I think my favourite might be the envelope with a heart “sticker”, it’s on the thumb. My new friend on instagram @nicoles_nails_ and she suggested the design from the very talented @glittr. I
showcased all the nail polishes I used in the photo above also, in case you want to recreate the look!


I have entered these into Nail Polish Canada Valentines Day Nail Art Challenge (along with the many hearts mani from the Be My Valentine post!) Vote for me if you have a chance!! Thanks 🙂

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Be My Valentine


Can you guess the number of hearts I can fit on my 10 fingers?!? (hint: each heart is surrounded by two more hearts!!)

FOLLOW UP: So I counted the number of hearts on each finger and
here is the result:


With two smaller hearts nestled into the 128 larger hearts I have on my nails, my grand total is 384 😀


How many hearts can you get on your nails?! I’d love to see, tag me up on Instagram!!

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Holiday Memories – Vote for me!!

charlie brown xmas 3 title

charlie brown xmas 1 f charlie brown xmas 2

This is my final entry for the 2013 Holiday Nail Art Challenge hosted by Nail Polish Canada. The nail art was inspired by the movie “A Charlie Brown Christmas” – a short movie that is played in Canada and the US pretty regularly around the holiday season, and is almost constantly referenced to as an all time favourite Christmas movie.


I think that the idea of looking past the commercialization of our holidays and trying to discover or, for some re-discover the meaning of Christmas to them is a meaningful message to pass on. For some people, Christmas may hold significant religious meaning, while for others, it is purely a holiday off from work and the daily grind. It is best to be respectful of others beliefs and this is a great time to re-connect with old friends and say hello by sending a card.


My holiday memories are always filled with happiness – I have fond memories of exchanging gifts with friends and family, getting excited about snow on Christmas Day and spending time with loved ones. Tell me about your holiday memories! I’d love to know what you hold special at this time of year.


For my manicure, I started with a base of white and then sponged on Wet n’ Wild I need a Refresh-Mint. Next, I drew Snoopy, Woodstock, the sad Christmas tree from the movie, Charlie Brown and a holly using a variety of nail polishes from Zoya, Butter London, OPI and Nicole by OPI. Finally, I topped some fingers off with my new Revlon Heavenly top coat, and other fingers got a layer of OPI SugarPlum Faries *this is not a good top coat for nail art, because the holographic glitter is suspended in a tinted base!*


Let me know what you think of my manicure, and vote for me (entry #4!) by clicking on this link.

這個指甲藝術設計是以從一個可愛的電影! 我記得常常會打開電視讓後看到 “A Charlie Brown Christmas” 在電視播放。 在美國和加拿大,這部電影之重要性是非常深刻和有意義的,因為它提醒我們聖誕節不只是購買和接受禮物。


zhè ge zhǐ jiǎ yì shù shè jì shì yǐ cóng yī gè kě ‘ài de diàn yǐng! wǒ jì de cháng cháng huì dǎ kāi diàn shì ràng hòu kàn dào “A Charlie Brown Christmas” zài diàn shì bò fàng. zài měi guó hé jiā ná dà, zhè bù diàn yǐng zhī zhòng yào xìng shì fēi cháng shēn kè hé yǒu yì yì de, yīn wèi tā tí xǐng wǒ men shèng dàn jié bù zhǐ shì gòu mǎi hé jiē shòu lǐ wù.




zhè bù diàn yǐng t íxǐng dà jiā yào xiǎng xiǎng shí’ èr yuè èr shí wǔ hào duì wǒmen de yì yì: wǒ men kě yǐ yǒu zōng jiào yì yì de shèng dàn jié, huò zhě zhǐ shì xiǎng shòu yǐ yǔ péng yǒu hé jiā rén gòng dù de shí jiān.


你可能已經注意到我做了這個指甲藝術為 Nail Polish Canada 的美甲設計比賽。 這是最後一個星期了!請上網為我投票…請選者第4號!!


nǐ kě néng yǐ jīng zhù yì dào wǒ zuò le zhè ge zhǐ jiǎ yì shù wèi Nail Polish Canada dì měi jiǎ shè jì bǐ sài. zhè shì zuì hòu yī gè xīng qí le! qǐng shàng wǎng wèi wǒ tóu piào…… qǐng xuǎn zhě dì 4 hào!



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Decorations… Holiday Lights

decorations final

I have had pictures of this manicure on my computer for about a week now, and never got around to posting my second entry for the Second Annual Holiday Nail Art Challenge hosted by Nail Polish Canada.The theme this week is “Decorations” and I thought it would be appropriate to spell out the word “Lights” for the Christmas/holiday lights that people often hang onto their trees (and houses) at this time of the year. I also included a tree and some presents stacked up on my pinkie. For this manicure, I used:Green: Zoya LoganWhite: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in White Out

Red: OPI Dear Santa

Gold base: Stellnor Nail Lacquer in “MA05”

Gold accents: Revlon Creme Brulee

Black: OPI My Private Jet

For the lights, I used a variety of Zoya polishes.

What do you think of my nail art design? What presents do you want to see under your tree?

Vote for my submission (entry #32!) by clicking on this link! Thank you 🙂

這個美甲藝術包括聖誕燈扭曲成“lights”的形狀,一棵聖誕樹,和一堆禮物。zhè ge měi jiǎ yì shù bāo kuò shèng dàn dēng niǔ qū chéng “lights” de xíng zhuàng, yī kē shèng dàn shù, hé yī duī lǐ wù.我使用的指甲油包括很多不一樣的品牌: Zoya, OPI, Sally Hansen, Revlon 和一個台灣找到的金色指甲油叫Stellnor(但是它的味道有點怪怪的!)wǒ shǐ yòng de zhǐ jiǎ yóu bāo kuò hěn duō bù yī yàng de pǐn pái: “Zoya, OPI, Sally Hansen, Revlon hé yī gè tái wān zhǎo dào de jīn sè zhǐ jiǎ yóu jiào Stellnor (dàn shì tā de wèi dào yǒu diǎn guài guài de!)

我要提出這個美甲設計到 Nail Polish Canada 的美甲設計比賽!這個禮拜的題目是聖誕節的裝飾 -你們可以到這個網站看看所有的美甲設計(請選者第32號吧!)。 我覺得這些美甲部落客是非常好的inspiration- 我建議你們去看一看!

wǒ yào tí chū zhè ge měi jiǎ shè jì dào Nail Polish Canada dì měi jiǎ shè jì bǐ sài! zhè ge lǐ bài de tí mù shì shèng dàn jié de zhuāng shì – nǐ men kě yǐ dào zhè ge wǎng zhàn kàn kàn suǒ yǒu dì měi jiǎ shèjì (qǐng xuǎn zhě dì 32 hào ba!). wǒ jué de zhè xiē měi jiǎ bù luò kè shì fēi cháng hǎo de inspiration – wǒ jiàn yì nǐ men qù kàn yī kàn!

photo 4

Here is a closer look at the Christmas light design!

step 1lightsThis shows what my nails looked like before I added the light bulbs and presents.