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Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art

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I decided to get a little more intricate with my Breast Cancer Awareness nails this year and did some research about the risk factors as a way to spread knowledge through nailart.

I searched for facts that were legitimate and ended up using information from the CDC infographic (you can see it here)

Here is the inspiration:IMG_8903-0.PNG

And the nails that I drew:IMG_8902-0.PNG

The pinky is a reminder to de-stress, the design on the ring finger cautions women to have children before the age of 35, the middle nail says “limit alcohol 1 (drink) per day, while the pointer finger encourages at least four hours of activity or exercise per day. On the thumb, I drew the famous “We Can Do It” lady, I liked the idea of empowering my fellow ladies in the fight against breast cancer. (It was also a great motivational nail for my cardio class at the gym! Doing burpees and push ups non stop means I’m constantly looking at my nails… I was more motivated to work harder while I had this on my nails! Haha)

The polishes I used:


It really is so important to be aware of the risk factors and do all that we can to live healthier lives. Do you know anyone affected by breast cancer? What changes can you make to your life that can benefit your health?


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