A Passion for Nail Polish


Gory Halloween Nailart (beware of zombies!!!)

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Here is my take on the gory and bloody nail art that accompanies my hand painted (no acrylic paint! All done tediously with nail polish…) ZOMBIE nails!


The pointer finger is a warty, bloody, zombified recreation of a nail design that I saw from Robin Moses (the video is on her YouTube channel, search for “10 Nail Art Tutorials|DIY Halloween Nail Art Design | The Walking Dead)

The ring finger with stitches and bloody nail damage is a recreation from a recent Elleandish tutorial. This video is also on YouTube – search for “Halloween Gore: Stitched Nails (No Fake Nails needed) for a cool and fun scary nail look!

I painted the zombies from some google images… which were super hard to paint! So I was so exasperated that I just decided to wing it, because I was tired of looking at creepy zombie photos after creepy zombie photo.

I cannot wait to remove this though, the messy red polish slathered all over my cuticles is making me cringe! Hope you enjoy this! If you have a chance, head to
Nail Polish Canada to vote for my entry!!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I hope to post more often (and not just when prompted by NPC contests!) and also get a bilingual YouTube channel going 🙂



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