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Julep Exclusive Halloween Nailart Tutorial

Hey! I wanted to show you how the recreation of the Julep exclusive nailart tutorial turned out. I shared this tutorial with you previously:


And this is how it looks on my nails! Since my nails are longer than the hand model shown, it will look a bit different!


Did you give the tutorial a try? I love the contrast between the colors on the accent nail and the cat is just a perfect addition! Looking at my recreation, I think my fence boards could have been a bit thicker! Those fences won’t be keeping anything out of anyone’s property!!! Hope you have a very Happy Halloween!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art

I decided to get a little more intricate with my Breast Cancer Awareness nails this year and did some research about the risk factors as a way to spread knowledge through nailart.

I searched for facts that were legitimate and ended up using information from the CDC infographic (you can see it here)

Here is the inspiration:IMG_8903-0.PNG

And the nails that I drew:IMG_8902-0.PNG

The pinky is a reminder to de-stress, the design on the ring finger cautions women to have children before the age of 35, the middle nail says “limit alcohol 1 (drink) per day, while the pointer finger encourages at least four hours of activity or exercise per day. On the thumb, I drew the famous “We Can Do It” lady, I liked the idea of empowering my fellow ladies in the fight against breast cancer. (It was also a great motivational nail for my cardio class at the gym! Doing burpees and push ups non stop means I’m constantly looking at my nails… I was more motivated to work harder while I had this on my nails! Haha)

The polishes I used:


It really is so important to be aware of the risk factors and do all that we can to live healthier lives. Do you know anyone affected by breast cancer? What changes can you make to your life that can benefit your health?

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Halloween Nailart Idea – Inspired by a Movie

Hey everyone! With Halloween fast approaching, I’ve been really inspired to go a bit darker and make lots of my nail designs more sinister, creepy and… gory. With the start of fall, I gravitate towards darker colours and this year is no exception. My colour crush this season is deep, dark oxblood red and I’ve searched my stash for one that is perfect, but came up empty-handed. I think Nic from Julep would be a really gorgeous polish that perfectly fits that deep, vampy dark red colour category. I’ll have to add that one to my wish list! I don’t have too many Julep polishes in my collection, and just browsing the colour selection on their website, I think Beatrix, Cleopatra and Austen would also be amazing polishes to sport at this time of the year.

Anyway, here is the inspiration of my gory halloween nail art:

photo 3

I first used Google to search for “evil villains in halloween movies” and stumbled upon a top five list that featured a character from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series known as ‘Leatherface’ – one look at his sinister face (complete with decaying flesh of one of his victims as a mask… gross!) I knew that I wanted to use this character to create a manicure for a nail art contest!

After deciding on a design for each nail, I set to work and this is what the end result looks like:

photo 4.PNG

On the thumb I portrayed Leatherface using his chainsaw for a killing rampage, the index/pointer finger shows the bones of victims that were used to decorate the inside of the Sawyer household, the middle finger has drippy blood sliding down the nail, with the word ‘leather face’ written below, while the ring finger is my attempt at a chainsaw (with added blood squirting out all over the place) and the pinkie is a close up of Leatherface wearing his signature face mask.

photo 5.PNG

I have to admit, I’m scared to watch scary, gory movies because my mind will start to play tricks on me. So, just doing research online for this nail look really creeped me out. Do you think I was able to capture the essence of the movie franchise with my manicure? What Halloween manis are you sporting? What spooky, creepy, thrilling movies/shows do you like to watch to freak yourself out? Let me know in the comments!

Here is one last look at my manicure:

photo 2

I also have a cool (finally, one without any “blood”!!!!) design that I think I will try out – it is an exclusive tutorial from Julep that was shared with me by Abbey (thanks so much Abbey!) that I cannot wait to recreate and show you guys. If you attempt it, please show me what polishes you used and how easy/difficult you found it! (if you cannot see it, right click the image and then you can zoom in!)


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Puppy Love Nailart

I have been dog sitting for the past week and despite all the daily walks, pooper scooper duty and random barking, I’m really loving the time I get to spend with this adorable little dog named Lila.


Using her dog leash as my color inspiration, I decided to dedicate a manicure to her!


When I asked her what her thoughts were of my carefully hand drawn designs this is what I got:


😦 What are your thoughts? I entered this design into an Instagram contest too… Let’s hope Lila can bring me luck!

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Gory Halloween Nailart (beware of zombies!!!)

Here is my take on the gory and bloody nail art that accompanies my hand painted (no acrylic paint! All done tediously with nail polish…) ZOMBIE nails!


The pointer finger is a warty, bloody, zombified recreation of a nail design that I saw from Robin Moses (the video is on her YouTube channel, search for “10 Nail Art Tutorials|DIY Halloween Nail Art Design | The Walking Dead)

The ring finger with stitches and bloody nail damage is a recreation from a recent Elleandish tutorial. This video is also on YouTube – search for “Halloween Gore: Stitched Nails (No Fake Nails needed) for a cool and fun scary nail look!

I painted the zombies from some google images… which were super hard to paint! So I was so exasperated that I just decided to wing it, because I was tired of looking at creepy zombie photos after creepy zombie photo.

I cannot wait to remove this though, the messy red polish slathered all over my cuticles is making me cringe! Hope you enjoy this! If you have a chance, head to
Nail Polish Canada to vote for my entry!!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I hope to post more often (and not just when prompted by NPC contests!) and also get a bilingual YouTube channel going 🙂