A Passion for Nail Polish


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Iceberg vs Glacier

I intended to draw a glacier, but it turns out I don’t know the difference between icebergs and glaciers! An iceberg is what happens when a piece of the glacier breaks off and floats off into the ocean. I did everything with polish, and sponged over a white base. Let me know what you think!




Butterfly Dotticure

I tried to create butterflies using only dots (some dots on my pointer finger were not well formed, so it’s a lot blobbier…) I think the pinkie butterfly is the best one – that is the one I did last haha!



Sky Diving Nail Art

Skydiving is a fun, crazy and adrenaline pumping activity… But I’m too scared to try it. Instead, I’ll stick to drawing out tiny figures on my nails via skydiving nailart!


I used a variety of polishes on this design – I can recreate it if you are interested in it! Thanks for checking out this post 🙂

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Sharknado 2?

I did a recreation manicure which features a ferocious shark:


Thanks for inspiring me @nailsbykathi!! I changed the blue color used in the manicure and I also altered the width of the stripes. I don’t have the same glitter flake nail polish, so I had to improvise!