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Nail Art Designs Nailwheel #1

I finally received my eBay package consisting of 10 nail art wheels. I have been busy practicing designs on them, and decided I would categorize the designs by month/occasion and leave a few wheels for random designs too. The first wheel is complete after I have obsessively worked on it for a day straight! What do you guys think!?


3 of the designs were inspired by @miss80million, and 1 each from @knailart and @polishmetogo


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My fav manicures

Here is a tag that is going around Instagram (my IG handle is @theMissPW!) called #myfavfivemanis and I have narrowed it down to some of the manicures that I did recently in a collage.


Have you seen the tag? Show me your manis if you have done this tag too!!! ❤️️

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Mystery Mix Polish

Have you heard about Lynx Cosmetics? http://www.lynxcosmetics.com

I won an amazing giveaway from the girls at http://thethreeglamourgirls.wordpress.com and one of the generous prizes was a polish of my choice from Lynx Cosmetics. My eyes went directly to the MYSTERY MIX POLISHES. You guys seriously need to check it out.

Samantha, the creative genius behind the brand (she also created Polish Pets – which are adorable and super limited edition furry bottles of nail polish) allowed me to choose anything from her shop.

You receive the unmixed polish with a mixing ball in a small plastic bag. Simply drop the mixing ball into the polish bottle, close it up tight and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. (Shake what your mama gave ya!) It’s really fun to see the progress of a bunch of pigment and polish transform into a beautiful glitter bomb. I REALLY like red and the choice of Firestarter was perfect because of the red glitter in a black base AND circle glitter – I love circle glitter (almost as much as I love star glitter). Okay that’s enough blabbing. Here are the photos:




Have you tried the mystery mix polishes? You can go to instagram and search for @theMissPW to see the video I made documenting the mixing process!

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Elephant Shoe, Valentine

Here is another quick Valentines inspired mani! Thanks to my new followers and the “Likes” everyone! It really motivates me to keep up with you all through this blog 🙂

I used Revlon Royal, Sally Hansen Snow Globe, Revlon Heavenly (not pictured) and Nicole By OPI Always A Silver Lining for the first photo:


And then I added some hearts and the words “Elephant Shoe” to my index finger. When I was little, the game was to get an unsuspecting peer to mouth the words “elephant shoe”
to someone, because it looked like you were saying “I LOVE YOU”. What a silly game haha.


So, “Elephant Shoe” guys for visiting my blog, and I look forward to sharing more of my nail art adventures with you in the future! ❤️❤️❤️.

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NYFW Rolando Santana Nail Art

Zoya Nail Polish is doing a million giveaways right now, one of which is a collaboration with designer Rolando Santana.

I was inspired by the A/W14 collection and did some nail art! This is my right hand, which means I had to do the nail art (mostly just manipulating tape) with my non dominant, left hand. The dominant hand is often referred to as the Cinderella hand, because the right
hand does all the hard work in manicures and nail art, but doesn’t
get featured in photos.


The second photo is a bit darker, but it shows Zoya’s Melodie by herself. This is a discontinued shade, and I had
to search high and low for this one. Despite being labeled as “brand
new” my bottle smells funky (not in a good way) and was NOT full. I paid more than the retail price of 7.00 USD – 8.00 USD and I had shipping costs on top of that. I’ll still keep it and use it though, because I have a nail polish hoarding problem.


P.S – Zoya Dahlia is a surprise favourite of mine… I might start rocking more dark or black polishes now!


Valentines Candy Nail Art

So, here is an – ahem – more “unique” and outside the box nail art design inspired by Ferrero Rocher chocolate:


I used the actual wrapper on my middle finger nail and the actual sticker on my thumb that was on the Ferrero Rocher chocolate. I made everything stick using just regular top coat, but the sticker itself didn’t need any extra help sticking!

I did this design as a collaboration with a friend on Instagram who contacted me about #twinnails with the username @britalovez. Here is our planning stage photo:


The nail polishes I used were all from http://32flavorsnailcandy.com/ that I won in a generous giveaway hosted by the creator of the polishes. I think NeNe is on a hiatus for now, but you can definitely check her IG or website out in the meantime for swatches! (Or I can swatch them, let me know!) the colors used was a gorgeous dark brown called Brown Sugar and a gold glitter that was opaque after 2 coats called Holy Grail.

What’s your favourite Valentines candy to buy/receive?

Zoya “Naturel” Look

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This is probably the easiest mani I have done,
while still including some “nail art”! It was inspired by Butter
London’s design for Lela Rose’s NYFW 2014 show. To start, I avoided
putting down base coat because I wanted a super clean look to the
mani – I’m not too concerned because Zoya is a 5-Free polish brand,
and the company advertises that it’s safe for new moms too. That’s
good enough for me, and I don’t leave my manicures on that long
anyway (too many ideas, not enough finger nails!
#firstworldproblems!) if you NEED base coat, or are using a more
toxic polish, I suggest you take the extra time to lay down some
base coat, let it dry completely before proceeding with the
following steps! With a regular piece of Scotch tape, I taped off
the bottom half (cuticle end, not at the tips) of my nail at a
diagonal angle. Then, with Zoya Cho I painted a thin coat on the
exposed nail. I ripped the tape off immediately to get crisp clean
lines. Once that first coat was dry, I carefully did a second coat,
keeping within the lines of my first coat to achieve more opacity.
Finally, top with a clear coat (I used OPI Top Coat, I don’t
discriminate that much between brands…) and you’ve got a super
shiny, über easy, and very chic looking manicure! Let me know if
you tried this, and if there are other NYFW manicures that inspired

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Black & White Nail Art

I’m participating in a nail art challenge hosted by @glittr on Instagram, I haven’t won a challenge yet, but I have been selected to be in the finalist stage a handful of times! Practice makes perfect, right? I’m going to keep trying! The challenge is to keep your color palette to (mostly) black and white only.

I’ve done three designs so far, Michael Jackson:


Yoga inspired:


And finally, a swan and duckling manicure:


Do you guys participate in nail art challenges? What motivates you to attempt nail art?